Las Vegas Protective Services

We moved from the Public Sector to the Private Sector to serve you better.


We are recognized leaders in safety offering our clients solutions using innovative and proactive approaches to all aspects of safety, security, and protection in their professional and personal atmospheres.

Las Vegas Protective Services


Our mission is to provide progressive and proactive safety services to the community. We maintain the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy when dealing with clients, citizens, and fellow employees. We improve the safety and security of all we come into contact with through our diligent service and responsible advice. We assist business owners in meeting insurance requirements for safety and security by remaining alert to OSHA standards and changes in codified law. We protect and preserve all property and the personal safety of our clients and others. Being morally right in our words and our actions we never forget integrity is our watchword. We are ever faithful and always cognizant of each person's right and desire for privacy and confidentiality. We are Las Vegas Protective Services and we blaze the trail that others follow.

Company History

Las Vegas Protective Services, Inc. was formed and incorporated on September 19, 2007. The idea behind the formation of the corporation was simple; we wanted to provide safety services to the citizenry of Las Vegas. We felt the basic need of feeling safe in our homes was diminishing. Our public agencies being overburdened are no longer able to respond to burglar alarms, or conduct welfare checks of our properties when we hear that bump-in-the-night, or leave for vacation.
Las Vegas  Security Services

We decided it was our duty as citizens, and former public safety professionals to stand up and accept the responsibility for those non-emergency calls. From that basic idea of alarm response we expanded our thinking to include uniformed security for the local businesses that were in need of expertly trained and reliable professionals. We also saw a need to provide protection for visitors to Las Vegas who are sometimes unfairly targeted due to their celebrity or social status. This line of thinking quickly expanded our focus of basic services until we arrived at our current offering of uniformed security, special events staff, private investigations, process service, and protective services teams.

Main: (702) 506-LVPS
Toll Free: 1 (888) 506-LVPS
Fax: (702) 589-7472


9550 S. Eastern Ave Suite 253 • Las Vegas, Nevada 89123



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